School Divisions

  • Elementary

  • Junior High/Freshman/K-12 Schools with mixed ages

  • JV

  • Varsity/Varsity Co-Ed

Rec/Youth Divisions

  • Mini-8 and younger

  • Youth-11 and younger

  • Junior-14 and younger

  • Senior - 18 and younger


AACCA Rules will be utilized, however schools are required to follow any additional restrictions or guidelines set forth by their governing body (NFHS, YCADA etc.)


TUMBLING - Skills must involve constant physical contact with the performing surface. Exception: Block cartwheels and round offs are allowed. No tumbling is allowed in immediate combination after a round off. If tumbling does occur after a round off a clear and distinct pause must immediately follow a round off or round off rebound.
Example of permitted skills: Forward and backward rolls, front and back walkovers, backbend kickovers, handstands
Example of prohibited skills: round-offs immediately connected to another skill, handsprings, flips, aerials.

STUNTS/PYRAMIDS/INVERSIONS - Will follow Novice Skill restrictions for STUNTS.


Novice teams will follow AACCA Safety Guidelines with these additional skill restrictions.

STANDING TUMBLING: Standing tumbling is limited to a standing single back handspring. Standing back handspring series and jump/back handspring combinations are not allowed. Standing tucks are not allowed.

RUNNING TUMBLING: Running tumbling is limited to front and back handspring series. Flips and aerials are not allowed.

STUNTS: Single leg stunts may not be held or pass through an extended position. No extended liberties or single leg “platforms”. Twisting transitions are limited to a ½ twist by the top person (full ups are not allowed). Exception: Log Rolls/Barrell rolls are allowed. All release moves must land in a cradle. The only inversions allowed are transitions from ground level inversions to non-inverted positions. No other inversions are allowed. Example: Legal: Going from a handstand on the ground to a non-inverted stunt such as a shoulder sit. Example: Illegal: Going from a cradle to a handstand or from a prone position to a forward roll.

PYRAMIDS: Extended one leg stunts must be braced by at least one person at prep level or below. Connection must be made prior to executing single leg extended stunt and must be made at prep level or below. Any time a top person is released by the bases and braced by other top persons, they may not perform any skill during transition and must land in a cradle. Inversion in pyramids are not allowed with the exceptions of the inversions allowed under Novice Stunts. Release moves in pyramids are not allowed with the exception of the release moves allowed under Novice Stunts. DISMOUNTS: Only straight pop downs, basic straight cradles and ¼ turns are allowed. TOSSES: The only body position allowed is a straight ride.


Intermediate teams will follow AACCA Safety Guidelines with these additional skill restrictions.

STANDING TUMBLING: Flips are not allowed. No standing back tucks or back handspring back tucks.

RUNNING TUMBLING: Back Flips may ONLY be performed in tuck position only and from a round off or round off back handspring(s). Other skills with hand support prior to the round off or round off back handspring are allowed. Example: Front handsprings and front walkover through to round off back handspring(s) back tucks are legal. No twisting while airborne. Exception: Aerial cartwheels are allowed. No tumbling is allowed after a flip or an aerial cartwheel. Cartwheel tucked flips and/or cartwheel – back handspring(s) – tucks are not allowed.

STUNTS: Twisting transitions to and from an extended position may not exceed ½ twisting transition. Release moves must start below prep level and must be caught at prep level or below. Release moves may not pass above extended arm level. PYRAMIDS: During a pyramid transition, top person may pass above 2 persons high while in direct, arm-to-arm contact with two other top persons at prep level or below. Braced flips are not allowed. DISMOUNTS: Only straight pop downs, basic straight rides, and ¼ turns are allowed from any single leg stunt. Up to 1¼ twists are allowed from any two leg stunt. TOSSES: Up to 1 trick allowed during a toss. Tosses may not exceed 1 twisting rotation. J


Advanced teams will follow the standard AACCA Safety Guidelines with no other skill restrictions.

JUNIOR HIGH / MIDDLE SCHOOL / ELEMENTARY SKILLS RESTRICTIONS Junior High, Middle School, and Elementary teams will follow Additional Restrictions as listed in the AACCA Safety Guidelines.

REC/POP WARNER/YOUTH If combined with school teams, and if tosses are permitted by your governing body, these elements will be categorized in your overall performance.

COLLEGE - will follow AACCA guidelines



  • Tiny - 6 & Younger

  • Mini-9 and younger

  • Youth-12 and younger

  • Junior-15 and younger

  • Senior - 18 and younger

  • Open - 14 and older

Under Division/Style, enter

  • Hip Hop

  • Pom

  • Jazz/Contemporary/Lyrical

  • Open (for categories not listed above)