2018-2019 PRICING

Tier 1 - paying 60 days prior to event - $68 per participant
To receive Tier 1 discount, payment in full must be received 60 days prior to event or be a registered Loyalty Program Member with deposit.
VOS Championship - Nov 12
Red Carpet Classic-Jan 22
Grand Canyon State - Feb 19

Tier 2 - paying 21 days prior to event - $70 per participant
Payments received 59-21 days prior to event - Tier 2 pricing
VOS Championship - Nov 13 - Dec 22
Red Carpet Classic- Jan 23 -March 2
Grand Canyon State- Feb 20 - March 30

Tier 3 - paying within 20 days of event - $75 per participant
Payments received within 20 days of event - Tier 3 pricing
VOS Championship -Dec 23 - Jan 5
Red Carpet Classic-March 3 - March 16
Grand Canyon State - March 31 - April 13

Refunds: no refunds for cancelled teams, no-shows/scratches, injuries or illness. Once you register via email or registration form, your school or program is financially responsible for the entire balance of the registration. No shows or drops will be billed in full for the registration balance. 



Individuals /Duos/Stunt/Power Tumbler $65 per participant.
If you are registering individuals without a team-price is double per participant.
Coaches Passes Additional

Cross-overs: 1 day event - $35 per participant for additional teams. Standard registration paid for 1st team. 

Exhibition Teams-Standard registration pricing applies. 

Coaches Passes: 1 per 12 athletes registered, additional coaches passes available for $25 each.

Division Change Fee: All division (including small/large) changes within 10 days from event  - $250 


1) Pay by check with bank deposit at Bank of America or ACH bank to bank transfer- Contact voscheer@gmail.com for deposit information. 
2) Pay over the phone with credit card. Call 602.762.4337
3) Venmo -contact voscheer@gmail.com for payment details
4) Paypal
3.5% Paypal processing fee applies to all registrations.

  • Take total of registration, multiply by 1.035 for your GRAND TOTAL.

  • Enter this amount under PRICE.

  • Click on UPDATE TOTALS.

  • If you already have a Paypal account, scroll down to log-in.

  • If you do not have a paypal account, scroll down on the left side of the page under "Don't have a Paypal account" and click continue.

Add 3.5% Processing Fee
Reg Total x1.035 = PRICE