Spectators and All Attendees: 
Please contact your head coach or program director for team performance times by Thursday prior to the event.

Performance Order - will be posted at the venue, and you can take photos of the schedules with your mobile device. Thank you for your support of ecology and going GREEN. Individually printed schedules will only be available to coaches, senior citizens, or those with a disability upon request. 

No flash photography, extended lenses of any kind or semi-professional cameras permitted.
Videorecording permitted of your athlete's individual team only. Posting of any videos or photos are not permitted without permission from Valley of the Sun Championship.  

2.     VIP AREA – Fans of the performing team only, please exit this area immediately after your team performs. All fans must remain seated, keep phones and tablets at eye level to not block judges view.

3.     At Grand Canyon State - Concessions brought to you by Ralph’s Food Truck.  Athletes, Coaches & Spectators: No food or drink except water in the gym. Please enjoy your refreshments in the lobby or outside. Rawhide - Concessions & Parking managed by Rawhide. Valley of the Sun receives no proceeds from concessions or parking.

4.     Use our hashtag #VOSCHEER on Facebook and Instagram

5.     Make room for all our fans please! Do not use bags to save seats. Scoot in, scoot over and make a friend! There are plenty of seats available, however when bags are left, it takes up considerable room for available seats. Please do not put bags and purses, water bottles or other personal items to save seats or space. Security reserves the right to move personal items to the floor to make room for all spectators.

6.     Athletes: please sit in the back sections. First 4 rows are reserved for spectators. Athletes, if you are sitting in the front 4 rows- please move back and open up these seats for spectators.

7.     Warm up room and area behind backdrop is for certified coaches and athletes. No spectators permitted in this area.

8.  Athletes and coaches and spectators need to stay 8 feet back from performance stage

Appropriate Surface
For Safety Purposes, there is no stunting or tumbling allowed on any surface except in the warm-up room on the provided USASF approved surface.

 Sportsmanship and Cover-up Guidelines

We are a USASF Sanctioned Event. As you enjoy your All Star experience, be sure to extend good sportsmanship throughout the day both within our arena and on all social media sites. For all USASF Athletes: we also remind you to follow the USASF Image Policy regarding cover-ups. USASF Athletes must athletes must wear cover-ups in the arena and throughout the venue when they are not warming up or competing. Once the athlete competes, cover-ups are to be worn. This also includes the award ceremonies. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Share the Positive on Social Media
Thank you in advance for sharing your All Star experience on social media. We encourage you to share the positive, fun and athletic experience including good sportsmanship and the benefits of the competitive spirit on display.


No Recruiting

In order to promote a healthy environment and in support of the USASF Code of Conduct there is no recruiting of athletes allowed at this or any other USASF Sanctioned Event.